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Xia Nianhe (ed.)

Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on the Family Magnoliaceae, 5 - 8 May 2009 Guangzhou, China. 2011. illus. 304 p. Hardcover. - In English.
The family Magnoliaceae is one of the most primitive taxa of angiosperms (flowering plants). Knowledge of this family is essential for the researches on the origin, evolution, floristic geography and systematics of angiosperms. The region of South and southwest China along with neighbouring areas, is the center of origin and diversity of the family Magnoliaceae. China has more magnoliaceous species than any other countries. Since the 1950s, South China Botanical Garden (SCBG), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), has carried out significant multi-disciplinary researches on the Magnoliaceae, including introduction, propagation, and conservations of rare species, work has also been done on the systematics, morphology, cytology, embryology, palynology, phytochemistry, and floral biology of Magnoliaceae. In order to exchange recent research progress, enhance the conservation and sustainable utilization of magnoliaceous plants, and promote the cooperative research worldwide, SCBG together with Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), Magnolia Society International (MSI), AND Guangdong Botanical Society, jointly organized The 2nd International Symposium on the Family Magnoliaceae on 58 May 2009 in Guangzhou (Canton), China. Totally 151 participants from 19 countries and regions attended this symposium, among them, 42 from abroad, 109 from China. The program of this symposium included keynote addresses, oral presentations, poster sessions, general discussions and symposium excursion. Totally 11 participants from 6 countries made keynote addresses, 21 participants from 15 countries made oral presentations, and 8 participants from 4 countries displayed their posters. This Proceedings included 29 papers from the participants, and presented the updated research progress of Magnoliaceae worldwide in systematics, phytogeography, cytology, anatomy, molecular biology, phytochemistry, germplasm conservation, conservation biology, physiology, ecology, cultivation, propagation and cultivar breeding, etc.
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