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Swanson, Kerry

Microscopic Worlds. Volume 3: Bacteria, Fungi, Lichens and Plants. 2012. 3D-col. photogr. X, 111 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
In this series of three books, the author escorts the reader on a fascinating and inspiring exploration of areas of the biological world unseen and unknown by most. In each volume, the author presents often complex scientific ideas in a style that is lively and easily understood. Together with stunning 3D images, taken using one of the most modern and powerful scanning electron microscopes available, the books present a unique portrait of the biosphere. Each book contains a pair of 3D glasses. What does the inside of a leaf look like and why do leaves have all of those pipes? On the outside surfaces of a leaf are stomata, but for what they are for? Where do pollen grains come from and are flowers really just modified leaves? Volume 3 examines some of the earliest life-forms, describing the continuing impact these organisms have on planet Earth. Follow the development of fungi from spore germination through to maturity and reproduction, all in brilliant 3D.
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