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Flora Argentina. Flora Vascular de la Républica Argentina

Vol. 03: Poaceae. Ed. by F. O. Zuloaga, Z. E. Rugolo and A. M. Anton. 2 vols. 2012. illus. (=line - drawings). 1111 p. 4to. Hardcover. - In Spanish, with Latin nomenclature.
This new 'Flora' is the follower of 'Flora Fanerogamica Argentina', which was published in fascicles. The new series will be published in volumes. The grass - volume is the first published in the series. A total of 20 volumes is scheduled. The systematic arrangement follows the phylogenetic system of Haston,E., E. Richardson, J. E. Stevens, P. F., Chase, M. W. and D. J. Harris (2007). A linear sequence of Angiosperm Phylogeny Group II families, Taxon 56: 7-12.
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