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Ayodele, Abiodun E. and Yong Yang

Diversity and Distribution of Vascular Plants in Nigeria. 2012. 350 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Nigeria harbors a rich diversity of vascular plants having 285 families (42 ferns and fern allies, 5 gymnosperms, and 238 angiosperms), 1541 genera, and 5029 species (including 183 infraspecific taxa consisting of 45 subspecies, 133 varieties, and 5 forms). Leguminosae, Poaceae, Rubiaceae, Orchidaceae, and Cyperaceae are the largest 5 families. The Genus/Species ratio is 1/3.26(1541/5029). Primitive families of angiosperms are quite scarce excepting the aquatic Nymphaeceae. The 243 seed plant families consist of 171 tropical families, 56 cosmopolitan families and 16 temperate families, the tropical elements are absolutely dominant.
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