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James,Trevor, Ian Popay, Paul Champion, Nik Grbavac and B. Rohde

An illustrated Guide to Weed Seeds of New Zealand. 2012. illus. X, 126 p. gr8vo. Ringbinder.
This book will be useful for all workers in ecological research, pest plant management or, indeed, for everybody involved in agriculture or horticultural production. It is also of importance to anyone with a general interest in plants and the incredibly different forms that evolution has wrought. The book covers native and introduced species, and also includes seeds of species that have not, as yet, established in New Zealand but which have been intercepted in imported seed or other agricultural products (like cocopeat). The pictures and their descriptions are often not of the seeds as such, but of the form in which theyare usually seen, surrounded by remains of flower structures that help in their survival or dispersal. The Introduction, Identification aid and Glossary are followed by 116 pages with 696 superb photographs of 623 different species, all with a brief description and distribution information.
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