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Algae of Ukraine

Diversity, Nomenclature, Taxonomy, Ecology and Geography. Ed. by Petro M. Tsarenko, Solomon P. Wasser and Eviatar Nevo: Volume 4: Charophyta. 2014. Many dot maps in the text. 13 plates (some SEM and others are line-figures). 703 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (978-3-87429-478-2)
This volume deals with Mesostigmatophyceae, Zygnematophyceae, and Charophycae. 58 genera and 813 species - 1177 infraspecific taxa are dealt with. Also included supplemental materials for volumes 1 - 3 (109 genera and 216 species - 217 infraspecific taxa). For each of them nomenclature, basionym, main synonyms, as well as occurence and distribution in Ukraine with references to world distribution are given. Original drawings and migrographs of new and some rare species or taxa are added. This is the final volume of the monograph including also the bibliography to the complete 4 volume set.
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