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Ossenbach, Carlos, Franco Pupulin and Rudolf Jenny (eds.)

Orchids in the Life and Work of Auguste R. Endrés. 2 volumes (text and illustrations). 399 figs.(partly col.). XVI, 890 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. -In box.
The disclosure of Costa Rican orchid diversity during the second half of the Nineteenth century is profoundly indebted with the exploratory and botanical work by Auguste R. Endrés. Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach, George Nicholson, Friedrich Richard Rudolf Schlechter, Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Kränzlin, Carlyle August Luer, and Franco Pupulin, described almost one hundred orchid species on the basis of plants collected by Endrés during his journey in Costa Rica. The thousands of plants, sketches, analytical drawings, habitat notes and botanical descriptions prepared be Endrés from 1866 to 1874, when he mostly resided in Costa Rica, form an extraordinary legacy, that has until today waited for in - deep scrutiny and interpretation. These two volumes present the biography and the most relevant botanical achievements of this extraordinary man. - A heavy set (4 kg).
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