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Book ID:  006399
LIOGIER, Alain Henri

La Flora de la Espanola. Volume 2.1983. (Univ. Central del Este, Vol. 44, Serie Cientifica, XV). approx. 100 full-page plates (line-drawings, partly bis-numbered). 420 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. In Spanish.
Volume 2 covers Proteaceae to Connaraceae, omitting Loranthaceae and Cactaceae, which had been published previously. The flora will be complete in some 8 volumes. Title changed from 'Flora of Hispaniola' to 'La Flora de la Espanola' starting with volume 2. With analytical keys to genera and species, description of genera and species in alphabetical order, synonyma, statistics, vernacular names, ecological notes, geographical distribution. - Second hand copy. Good condition.
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