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Book ID:  103259
Wei, Cao (ed.)

Textual Criticism of Type Specimens of Vascular Plants Preserved in the Northeast China Herbarium. 2011. Many col. figs. 415 p. 4to. Hardcover. - Bilingual (Chinese / English).
The Northeast China Herbarium stores about 570 000 specimens, including vascular plants, bryophytes, lichens, fungi, insects, plant diseases and wood specimens et al. Type specimens are very precious and unique, and are regarded as representative treasures of a herbarium. This book records comprehensively all the type specimens of vascular plants preserved in the herharium, it contains 415 type specimens, including 6 fern duplicates in 5 families, 12 gymnosperm duplicates in 1 family, and 397 angiosperm duplicates in 41 families. Each type specimen has been recorded with its scientific name, Chinese name, original publication, locality, collection number, and type of specimen in detail, it supplements deficiencies and corrects some mistakes on the original publications. The conclusions and evidence are given under the heading of textual criticism items.
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