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PRESCOTT, Gerald Webber

Algae of the Western Great Lakes Area.With an illustrated key to the genera of Desmids and Freshwater Diatoms.Revised edition 1962.143 plates(line drawings).XIII,977 p.gr8vo. Hardcover. (Reprint 2001). (ISBN 978-3-87429-205-4)
Approx.1100 species of fresh-water algae described and illustrated.In addition,the genera of Desmids and Diatoms are treated with an illustrated key in the appendix.Although the algae of Michigan and Wisconsin are treated here,the species are mostly world-wide in their distribution.Hence this volume will be found useful in all hemispheres.- Contents(main headings):Introduction/Geographical Features and Algal Distribution/Relationships of Phytoplankton to Lake Productivity/ Morphological Characters Illustrated/Systematic Account:Division Chlorophyta/Division Chrysophyta/Division Euglenophyta/Division Chloromonadophyta/Division Pyrrhophyta/Division Cyanophyta/Division Rhodophyta/Analytical Key to the Genera/Glossary/Bibliography(50 p.)/ Appendix:Desmid and Diatom Genera/Appendix Index/Index.
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