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Book ID:  104818
Sergio, Cecilia, Cesar Augusto Garcia, Manuela Sim - Sim, Cristiana VIEIRA, HELENA HESPANHOL and SARAH STOW

Atlas e Livro Vermelho dos Briofitos Ameacados de Portugal/ Atlas and Red Data Books of Threatened Bryophytes of Portugal. 2014. illus. 464 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.-Bilingual. (Portuguese / English).
The bryoflora of Portugal comprises 704 taxa, presenting approximately 40% of the European species and 65% of the Iberian bryoflora. This volume gives information on occurrence, ecology, general distribution, conservation status, distribution map, illustrations of the species and habitats, special annotations and a large bibliography. The book intends to give an updated red list, conservation status, areas of priority and proposals for conservation.
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