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Stuchlik, L. (ed.)

Atlas of pollen and spores of the Polish Neogene. Volume 4: Angiosperms 2. 2014. 133 plates. 466 p. 4to. Paper bd. - In English.
The pollen and spores atlas of the Polish Neogene volume 4 Angiosperms(2) contains description and photographic documentation of the sulcate and colporate groups of pollen grains. Altogether 212 species belonging to 75 fossil genera, 57 of which have botanical affinity indicated in the name, are described. All described fossil-taxa are included within 55 extant families and 27 orders. In total 5 new genera and 44 new species were described and 26 taxa have their diagnoses complemented, 26 new combinations were described, and new status is proposed for two taxa. All described pollen species have been documented on 134 photographic plates. Microphotographs were taken under Light Microscope (LM) and several more important details were documented using Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). The lay-out of this volume, morphological descriptions and illustrations of pollen were in general made as in the preceding volumes (Stuchlik ed.) 2001, vol. 1 Spores; 2002, vol. 2 Gymnosperms and 2009, vol. 3 Angiosperms (1).
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