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Sood, S. K., Ruchi Chandel, Seema Sharma and Sumesh Kumar

Unusual Folk Plants and Drugs of India. 2014. illus. 273 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Provides the users with exhaustive details on 616 unusual folk plants and drugs of India belonging to 465 genera under 137 families for prevention and management of stings and bites in mankind and his livestock. Presented in a jargon-free style that makes the reading both interesting and absorbing and coupled with illustration of textural matter with many figures and photographs, this book is the only available reference work on the area. It is hoped that this work will prove a milestone in the advancement of knowledge on the subject and will certainly become a standard reference for many decades to students, researchers and teachers in ethnobotany, economic botany, medicine, pharmacology, biochemistry, biotechnology, plant genetic resources, etc. and laymen alike.
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