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Negi, Chandra S.

The Sacred Uttarakhand. Ethno - biological study surrounding sacred natural sites in Uttarakhand. 2014. illus. XII,472 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Main chapter headings: Religion and Biodiversity Conservation/ The Institution of Sacred (sacredness of plants in religion)/The Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses and the Associated Myths/ Fear Woven Around Myths and Thus Conservation/ The Principal Rituals Conducted Within the Sacred Complex/ Traditional Knowledge and Biodiversity Conservation Vis -a - Vis the Institution of Sacred/ The Institution of Taboo and the Local Resources Management/ The Anthropology of Menses/ Developing Sacred Groves into Biodiversity Heritage Sites - Experiences from the Sate of Uttarakhand/ The Viability of the Very Institution of Sacred/ Glossary.
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