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Stevens, W. D., Olga Martha Montiel and Peter Raven (eds.)

Paleobotany and Biogeography. A Festschrift for Alan Graham in His 80th Year. 2014. (MSB, 128). illus. XXXII, 404 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
This Festschrift on the occasion of Alan Grahams 80th birthday contains 14 papers prepared by 56 of Alans friends and colleagues representing 15 nationalities and working in 27 institutions. The participants do not exhaust the list of people who have collaborated with Alan throughout his long and productive scientific career, or the many students who received their degree under Alan Graham, but the papers they have contributed represent those fields in which Alan has had the greatest impact through his work. During the past five decades, Alan has excelled in the elements that comprise an outstanding academic career: scholarship, teaching and mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students, service, and generosity toward colleagues. All of these papers enhance our knowledge of the particular regions and times treated in the framework of the overall evolution of the vegetation of the Americas. They carry forward or dispute traditional hypotheses of past migrations and of the course of evolution in widely distributed parts of the Americas. Taken together, they not only advance knowledge but also demonstrate closely that the efforts of Alan Graham during the course of his career will carry on for centuries in the future as we find greater clarity and develop even more robust hypotheses of the evolution of the vegetation of the Americas. Quote from publishers promotional text.
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