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Inthakoun, Lamphay and Claudio O. Delang

Lao Flora. 2008. 238 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. - In English.
Several important botanical studies with lists of plants with both scientific and local Lao names have been published in Laos in the last few years. The aim of this book is to bring these lists together, to help researchers identify plants. Many of these publications also include detailed information on the plants, as well as characteristics and uses. In this book, the names of the plant are followed by the initials of the publications in which these plants are described. Thus, this book helps researchers identify the scientific names of plants, and find publications on the species they are interested in. This book using the Lao script, followed by the transliteration of the Lao names using the Latin alphabet, and the genus and species names. The second part lists the plants alphabetically by genus and species names, followed by the family name and the name(s) in Lao.
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