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Bavcon, Joze

White - Flowered Varieties in Slovenian Flora. 2014. Many col. photogr. 349 p. - Bilingual (English / Slovenian).
This work deals with the occurrence of white-flowered varieties whose flower colour differs from the usual flower colour of the original species. ugar (1990) defines albinism as a lack of pigmentation in the organism. Petauer et al. (1998) explain it as a phenomenon resulting from a lack of colourants. A white flower is merely the most outstanding feature of albinism, which, however, is not entirely correct, as one must not neglect the presence of other pigments. Stearn (1997) draws a very precise distinction between single occurrences of the colour white, using such terms as: albescens whitish, albicans off-white, becoming white, albicaulis white-stemmed, albidus whitish, albiflorus white-flowered, referring to the flower as a whole, albifrons white-leaved, alboplenus with double white flowers, albispinus with white thorns, albocinctus with a white crown, albomaculatus spotted with white, albopictus painted with white, albopapilosus with white hairs, albovariegatus variegated with white. In white varieties (to apply the closest approximation in the Slovenian language) the flower alone is white, thus differing from the majority of representatives of a single genus or species in natural populations with normally differently coloured flowers. The colour white, however, appears in a variety of shades. In some plants only the petals are white, though even these can be faintly creamcoloured, in others the stamens or stigmas are different colour, with some flowers perfectly white. In other words, whiteflowered varieties appear both in all of these nuances and also in pure white. The present work covers the representatives of different species and genera that have been found over decades of fieldwork in various parts of Slovenia. The actual research material would have been more copious, but the sampling method applied in the early years was not strictly systematic, meaning that not every single white variety was dug out, taken to the Botanic Garden, provided with a number and monitored as to its stability.
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