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Möller Jörgensen, Peter, Michael Harley Nee and Stephen Georg Beck

Catalogo de las Plantas Vasculares de Bolivia. 2015. (Monogr. Syst. Bot Vol. 127). VIII, 1741 p. 4to. Hardcover.
The Catalogo de las Plantas Vasculares de Bolivia is more than a list of the species of plants recorded for the country; it also includes citations, synonyms, information about political distribution, types of vegetation, altitudinal distribution, and habits. This type of information makes the catalog useful not only to taxonomists, but also to ecologists, conservationists, and managers of natural resources. The catalogue includes 47,974 names, of which 15,345 species are accepted, including 2343 endemic species, 12,165 native species, 694 cultivated species, 267 adventitious species, and 221 naturalized species. The number of accepted Pteridophytes is 1145 or 7.5% of the total number of species, the gymnosperms are 43 (0.3%), and the Angiosperms are 14,157 (92.3%). The highest number of species occurs in the families Orchidaceae (1263), Asteraceae (1256), Euphorbiaceae (322), Bromeliaceae (321), Apocynaceae (285), Cactaceae (229), and Piperaceae (216). The size of the flora of Bolivia is comparable to the number of species found in the Ecuador, Peru, and Cono Sur.
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