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Gloudon, A. and C. Tobisch

Orchids of Jamaica. 2nd rev. & augmented ed. 2014. 118 col. photogr. 10 b/w drawings. 204 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
It has been nineteen years since the first edition of this book was published. Since then, taxonomists have been reclassifying several of the orchids found on the island. For instance, Pleurothallis which once hosted twenty - five is now down to four species. For easy reference, the old names have been added in brackets. Nomenclature has been brought up to date. Descriptions of new plants and revised descriptions have been added and updated photos for many of the original listings. All descriptions are based on living material, except where so noted, and accompanied by photos or line drawings. Detailed attention has been given to the group of minitaure orchids Lepanthes because all but one of the twenty - four species are endemic to Jamaica and hence important biologically and phytogenetically. Three new natural hybrids have been found, and two as yet unidentified species of Cymbidium, one unnamed species of Epidendrum, were found and are waiting to be identified. Gives also note for cultivation of the plants.
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