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Book ID:  105466
Ortiz Valdivieso, Pedro and Carlos Uribe Vélez

Orquideas, tesoro de Colombia / Orchids, a Colombian Treasure. Volume 2. 2017. 431 line figs. 887 col. photographs. 400 p. 4to. Hardcover. - Bilingual (Spanish & English).
Contents: Introd./ Orchids in philately/ Elianthus/ Eloyella/ Eltropectis/ Embreea/ Encyclia/ Epidendrum (220 p.)/ Epilyna/ Epistephium/ Eriopsis/ Erythrodes/ Eulophia/ Eurystyles/ Exalaria/ Expedicula/ Fernadezia/ Frongaria/ Galeandra/ Galeottia/ Comphichis/ Gongora/ Govenia/ Guanchezia/ Habenaria/ Bibliography/ Orchid growers.
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