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Bukhtiyariva, L. N. and G. V. Pomazkina

Bacillariophyta of Lake Baikal. Vol. 1: Genera Baikalia, Slavia, Navigeia, Placogeia, Grachevia, Goldfishia, Nadiya, Cymbelgeia. 2013. 110 pls. (SEM-micrographs). 184 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. - In English.
This monograph contains the information on the morphology and taxonomy of Bacillariophyta from Lake Baikal (East Siberia, Russia), including 49 novel species belonging to the new freshwater genera Baikalia gen. nov. 4 species, Slavia gen. nov. 4, Navigeia gen. nov. 9, Placogeia gen. nov. 19 and one variety, Grachevia gen. nov. 7, Goldfishia gen. nov. 5, Nadiya 1 and Cymbelgeia gen. nov. 1. All species were recorded in benthic communities. Principles of the functional morphology of diatom frustule were used To describe new morphological structures. The typification of specific and infraspecific taxa of Bacillariophyta is discussed. Brief survey on the genus Geissleria sensu lato is provided and 36new taxonomic combinations resulted from its revision are suggested.
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