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Fraser - Jenkins, C. R., D. R. Kandal and S. Pariyar

Ferns and Fern - Allies of Nepal. Volume 1. 2015. 509 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
This series will be completed in two volumes.- Contents: Authors Foreword / Acknowledgements / Introduction/ Phytogeography of Nepalese pteridophytes / Pteridophyte collections from Nepal/ Classification used / The present work / Format of the taxonomic list / List of Nepalese pteridophyte species /Taxonomic accounts / Fern-allies / Eurosporangiates ( Ophioglossaceae, Marattiaceae)/ Leptosporangiates: Osmundaceae, Plagiogyraceae, Lygodiaceae, Marsileaceae, Salviniaceae, Gleicheniaceae, Dipteridaceae, Hymenophyllaceae, Cyatheaceae, Dennstaedtiaceae, Lindsaeaceae, Pterdiaceae, Vittariaceae/ List of plates/ Appendix: Athyrium setiferum / Index.
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