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Roguenant, Albert, Marcel Lecoufle et Aline Raynal - Roques

Les Bromeliacees. 2016. illus. 651 p. Broche.- In French.
Covers the entire family of bromeliads, tropical American plants with over 3300 species including pineapple. A large introductory chapter, in French and in English, describes the discovery of Bromeliads, their way of life, biology, cultivation techniques as well as the modern classification of the family. All all Bromeliad genera are covered, represented by more than 700 species and sub-species. Cultivated species are also described, and particularly those which are widely marketed. Their presentation is accompanied by growing tips. Descriptions are in a simple and technical French language, and there is a French-English glossary to help non-French speakers Different species are extensively illustrated. There are 175 b/w figs., 80 original drawings and diagrams and more than 860 photographs from the authors.
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