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Book ID:  106087
Flora Neotropica

Volume 116: Ilkiu - Borges, Anna Luiza: Prionolejeu- nea: Lejeuneaceae, Jungermanniopsida. 2016. 63 figs. 7 tabs. 131 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Based on the examination of types and additional specimens, currently 21species and 3 newly described taxa of Prionolejeunea are recognized; 26 names are proposed as new synonyms. Prinololejeunea is characterized by the following features: leaf margins toothed by conically projected cells crowned by a small papilla, lobules with a proximal hyaline papilla, absence of ocelli, 2- keeled perianths and occasionally lejeuneoid subgynoecial innovations. The greatest diversity of this Afro- American genus is found in the Americas, where it is represented by 22 species. moist lowland to lower montane rain forests. Phylogenetic analyses based on morphological evidence and trnL- trnF spacer and nrITS region sequences indicatethat the trnL- trnF data set supports the monophyly of Prionolejeunea and demonstrates that Cyclolejeunea is the most closely related genus. A key to the species, as well as morphological descriptions, illustrations, and distribution maps for each species are presented.
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