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Miscoe, Laura H., Jeffrey R. Johansen, J. Patrick Kociolek, Ted L. Lowe, Melissa A, Vaccarino, Nicole Pietrasiak and Alison R. Sherwood

The diatom flora and cyanobacteria from caves in Kauai, Hawaii. Taxonomy, distribution, new species. 2016. (Bibl. Phycologica,120). 448 figs. 2 tabs. 152 p. Paper bd.

1: Investigation of the cave diatom flora of Kauai, Hawaii: an
emphasis on taxonomy and sirtibution /2: Novel cyanobacteria from
caves of Kauai, Hawaii. -
This book provides two thoroughly illustrated floras of cave algae of
Kauai, the oldest of the large inhabited islands in the Hawaiian
Archipelago. These caves are a hot spot of algal diversity.
The first flora describes and illustrates 80 diatom taxa in 45 genera
including four species new to science. The second paper assesses
cyanobacterial taxonomy based on morphology, ecology, and phylogenetic
analyses of the 16S rRNA gene.

Among 20 cyanobacterial taxa characterized here, using this polyphasic
approach, four genera new to science are described (Kovacikia,
Stenomitos, Goleter, and Pelatocladus) and another twelve new species
in these and previously established genera.
The floras and the data contained therein provide an important
contribution for those interested in diatom and cyanobacterial taxa,
and demonstrate modern taxonomic practice in these two critical algal

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