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Book ID:  106036
Mohd - Azlan, Jayasilan and Indraneil Das (eds.)

Biodiversity of Tropical Peat Swamp Forests of Sarawak. 2016. Illus. XI, 240 p. Paper bd.
Contents: Peat Swamp Forests and their Conservation Importance/ Humic Substances and the Chemistry of Tropical Peat/ Araceae of Peat Swamps/ Sago Palm (Metroxylon Sagu. Rottb.) - A Potential Source of Starch for Food Security/ Endohelminth Parasites of Frogs at a Degraded Peat Swamp Forest/ Fish Fauna and Water Quality of Blackwater Habitats in Maludam National Park/ Diversity of Avifauna in Peat Swamp Forests/ Wildlife Conservation in Peat Swamp Forests.
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