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Book ID:  008410
SUTTON, Brian C.

The Coelomycetes. Fungi Imperfecti with Pycnidia Acervuli and Stromata. 1980. 397 figs. 696 p. 4to. Bound.
This is the first modern account of coelomycetes, an important group of fungi containing many plant pathogens, soil and spoilage organisms and saprophytes. The book includes descriptions and detailed illustrations of 375 genera and 750 species, based for the most part on specimens from natural substrates, together with hints on collection and examination, an illustrated glossary, a list of 600 selected references, a host index and a fungus index. Novel features of the taxonomic part are two types of key - dichotomous for the expert, and synoptic for the beginner. Extensive coverage is given of Colletotrichum, Phoma, Cryptosporiopsis, Coniella, Seimatosporium, Monochaetia, Seiridium, Asteroma, Colletogloeum, Coryneum, Harknessia, Hubatia, Pseudoseptoria, Phloeospora, Stagonospora, and many other smaller yet economically important genera. The latest developments in taxonomy of the imperfect fungi are incorporated in its presentation. - Good second hand copy.
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