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Book ID:  056851
Vanky, Kalman

European Smut Fungi. 1994. 1003 illustr. X,570 p. gr8vo. Hard cover.
Smut fungi (Ustilaginales) are important plant parasites. This book comprises, for the first time, the knowledge about the 400 known smut fungi from Europe. For these 400 species and for further 70, still unknown smuts from Europe, detailed descriptions are given. 82 doubtful or excluded taxa are also presented. The descriptions are completed by 220 drawings of diseased plants and by more than 770 microphotographs of the spores seen in LM, SEM or TEM. Keys to genera and species, a host plant/smut fungus index, together with the descriptions and illustrations, make an easy identification of these plant parasites possible. For economically important smut diseases short control measures are also give.
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