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Ma, Jinshuang

A Checklist of Woody Plants from East Asia. 2017. 650 p. Paper bd. - In English.
A Checklist of Woody Plants from East Asia,East Asia, including China, Japan and the Koreas, is one of the mega-biodiversity hotspots in the world. It is also the richest region among the floristics in the northern hemisphere. It possesses more than 30000 species of seed plants, at least more than one-third of which are woody plants, and many of them are endemics. For various reasons, however, it has not been possible to catalogue all of the species together and list them under one work, to make it convenient for users who are interested in woody plants from this vast area.There are 152 families 1264 genera 11885 species 141 subspecies and 1653 varieties of native woody plants from east Asia in the checklist; among them, 11 families 38 genera, 224 species and 74 varieties are gymnosperms, and 141 families, 1226 genera, 11661 species, 141 subspecies and 1579 varieties are Angiosperms;and among later, 136 families, 1167 genera, 10988 species, 141 subspecies and 1563 varieties are Dicots, and 5 families, 59 genera, 673 species and 16 varieties are Monocots. In total, there are 13679 taxa (including species, subspecies and varieties) among 152 families and 1264 genera and 4940 taxa (about 36.1%) are widely distributed, but 8739 taxa (about 63.9%) are endemic to East Asia; and among the endemic, 8110 taxa in China, 857 taxa in Japan and 337 taxa in Koreas which represented by 92.8%, 9.8% and 3.9% respectively.
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