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Johannsmeier, M. F.

Beeplants of South Africa. Sources of Nectar, Pollen, Honeydew and Propolis for Honeybees. 2016. (Strelitzia, 37). VI, 550 p. 4to. Hardcover.
While the crop grower is reliant on the beekeeper for the pollination service his honeybees provide during the flowering season, the beekeeper in turn depends on variable forage resources and habitats to sustain his honeybee colonies throughout the year, and to provide him with a honey crop. Beeplants of South Africa: sources of nectar, pollen, honeydew and propolis for honeybees attempts to furnish beekeepers with information on the nectar and pollen value of South African beeplants, whether indigenous or exotic, grown in orchards or plantations, or whether ornamentals or weeds. Additionally, flowering times are documented and the pollination needs of crop plants are addressed. The applicable beeplant values can assist gardeners, farmers, beekeepers, or practitioners in environmental impact assessments or rehabilitation projects, in deciding which plants to utilise, conserve or grow for multi-purpose usage. This book contributes to the outcomes of the Global Pollination Project and the Honeybee Forage Project, both implemented by the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI). Contains an extensive index to the scientific as well as English and Afrikaans common names used in the publication.
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