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Mohlenbrock, Robert H.

The Illustrated Flora of Illinois. Flowering Plants: Asteraceae, 3. 2017. IX, 153 p. Paper bd.
Flowering Plants: Asteraceae, Part 3, is the third and final volume in botanist Robert H. Mohlenbrocks comprehensive sequence of books on the aster family in Illinois. In this volume, Mohlenbrock identifies 128 species in forty-nine genera with eleven hybrids and fifty-seven lesser taxa. He provides an easy-to-use key to the genera and species and a complete description and nomenclatural and habitat notes for important features of the species and includes common, locally used names. Synonyms that have been applied to species and lesser taxa in Illinois are given under each species. In addition, Mohlenbrock has identified the overall range for each species, compiled from various sources, including examinations of herbarium material and Mohlenbrocks own field studies. After a general statement concerning the range of each species in Illinois, ranges are described more specifically, from the northeastern to the northwestern extremities, south to the southwestern limit, then eastward to the southeastern limit. As important to amateurs as to professional botanists and land planners, this last volume of Mohlenbrocks Asteraceae is an essential addition to the esteemed Illustrated Flora of Illinois series.
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