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Knapp, Ralf and Tian - Chuan Hsu

Ferns and Fern Allies of Taiwan. Second supplement. 2017. 1400 col. figs. VII, 419 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. -In English.
This supplement provides a second update to known taxa of Taiwan and its neighboring smaller islands and islets.- New species and subspecies, over 1400 col. figures, revised key for the safe identification of species, comprehensive background information, updated recommendations for conservation needs, distribution and frequency information for new and selected other species, description of vegetation zones and habitats for new and selected other species, scientific names accompanied by Chines name, pinyin transcription and commonly used deviating scientific names, amended bibliography, amended index of synonyms, misapplied names and names in alternative taxonomic combinations. - Contents: Corrections of previous publications/ New taxa/ Other new data/ Alternative phylogenetic system/ Comments regarding families and lower ranks/ Taxa endemic to Taiwan/ Taxa with a singular occurrence in Taiwan/ Updates to the distribution of selected taxa/ Updates to the Index of Ferns and Fern Allies of Taiwan/ Other comments/ Literature/ Internet - based resources.
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