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Book ID:  106822
Rensing, Stefan A. (ed.)

Genomes and Evolution of Charophytes, Bryo- phytes, Lycophytes and Ferns. 2016. (Advances in Botany, 78). illus. XII, 308, (XII) p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
Chapter headings: Technological Innovations Give Rise to a New Era of Plant Evolutionary Developmental Biology/ Coevolution of Organelle RNA Editing and Nuclear Specificity Factors in Early Land Plants/ The Genome of the Model Moss Physcomitrella patens/ The Ceratodon purpureus Transcriptome Ushers in the Era of Moss Comparative Genomics/ The Sphagnum Genome Project: A New Model for Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics/ The Genome of the Model Species Anthoceros agrestis/ Evolutionary Genomics of Ferns and Lycophytes/ The Genomes of Charophyte Green Algae/ Subject Index/ Author Index. - Many extant land plant lineages of non - seed plants still do not have a representative with a sequenced genome until recently, or are work in progress. The focus of this book is on these far neglected lineages, namely charophyte algae that are the sister group of the land plants, the paraphyletic bryophytes (hornworts, mosses and liverworts), as well as the lycophytes (club mosses) and ferns.
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