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Cribb, Phillip and Christopher Purver

Slipper Orchids of the Tropical Americas. 2017. 209 col. figs. 281 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
This book covers the tropical American species of three genera of slipper orchids, Selenipedium, Mexipedium and Phragmipedium, until fairly recently the poor relations amongst the slipper orchid scene that has been dominated by the tropical Asian species of the genus Paphiopedilum. However, the discovery of a suite of spectacular new species, particulary in the genus Phragmipedium and of the monotypic Mexipedium xerophyticum, a true missing link, has transformed appreciation of the tropical American slipper orchid species. This detailed systematic treatment of the genera and species includes history, taxonomy, decriptions, keys, distribution, cytology and ecology. A history of breeding of Phragmipedium byrids since the second half of the 19th century deals with the revolution brought about by the discovery of the amazing scarlet - flowered P.besseae and the spectacular royal purple P.kovachii. Future breeding trends are also covered. The cultivation of these plants is also discussed.
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