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Amoroso, Victor B., Cheng - Wei Chen, Fulgent P. Coritico, Pi - Fong Lu, Ely L. Alcala, Wen - Liang Chiou

Guide to Lycophytes and Ferns of Balinsasayao, Negros, Philippines. 2016. Many col. photogr. X, 150 p. Paper bd.
A survey of ferns and lycophytes in April 2014 around Balinsasayao to Mt. Guinsayawan which is about 1,780 meters above sea level (but only limited to ca. 1,600 m asl in this survey) revealed a total of 232 species. Of these, 13 species (3 genera, 2 families) are lycophytes and 219 species (86 genera, 31 families) are ferns. These preliminary results are compiled in this handbook to enhance awareness of the plant resources of the region for future biodiversity and conservation studies.This handbook provides a detailed checklist of 232 species and features some lycophytes (3 genera, 6 species) and ferns (86 genera, 124 species.) found in the Balinsasayao Twin Lakes Natural Park. The families and genera within the family are presented in alphabetical order (starting with lycophytes and followed by ferns) and contain photographs and short descriptions of the plants. Taxonomic classification of the plants is based mainly from Christenhusz et al. (2011) and is augmented with some updates from similar literatures
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