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Book ID:  105809
Biserkov, V. a. oth. (eds.)

Red Data Book of the Repubic of Bulgaria. Volume 3: Natural Habitats. 2015.602 col. figs. 170 col. distrib. maps. 2 tabs. 442 p. Hardcover. - In English.
The third volume of the series Red Data Book of the Republic of Bulgaria deals with assessment of natural habitats of conservation importance in Bulgaria. The book treats 166 habitats assigned to the following groups: marine habitats - 11, coastal habitats -8, inland forests -40, and inland rock habitats 16. These habitats are classified into the following four threat categories: Critically Endangered (CR) 28, Endangered (EN) 71, Vulnerable (VU) -47, and Nearly Threatened (NT) -20. Each habitat is supplied with a UTM-grid map (10 km grid) and colour illustrations. Volume 2 of the red data book deals with animals and is not offered here.
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