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Book ID:  107017
Costa, Livia F., Carlos E. Wetzel, Horst - Lange - Bertalot, Luc Ector and Denise C. Bicudo

Taxonomy and Ecology of Eunotia species (Bacillariophyta) in southeastern Brazilian reservoirs. 2017. (Bibl. Diatomologica,64). 108 plates. 302 p. Paper bd.

This volume provides an image-rich documentation of the
morphology and ultrastructure of Eunotia species from southeastern
Brazil, including description of new taxa and restudy of some original
materials. Moreover, it represents the first combination of
taxonomic and ecological approaches to the study of Eunotia in
tropical and subtropical regions. The materials studied included
samples from distinct habitats (planktonic, periphytic and surface
sediment) collected from 32 reservoirs of southeastern Brazil. Eighty-
seven Eunotia species are illustrated with light and scanning electron
microscopy on 108 plates and compared with other similar taxa.
Among these, 13 taxa are reported here for the first time in Brazil, and 15 new taxa are described. Morphometric features of all taxa are
described and compared with data from the literature. The ecological
preferences (optima) of 19 taxa were calculated for nutrients (total
phosphorus and total nitrogen), pH and conductivity. A
comprehensive sample table with reservoirs, drainage basins,
geographic coordinates and herbarium numbers as well as an
extensive reference list complete the volume.The results of this work
confi rm the ecological preference of the genus for clean waters
(ultraoligo- to mesotrophic). Two species (E. rhomboidea Hustedt and
Eunotia maconi sp. nov.) were associated with eutrophic waters.

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