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Sakinc, Mehmet

The Historical Plant Collection of Istanbul's Saint Joseph High School. 2 volumes. 2013. XLVIII pages of text (bilingual in Turkish & English), plus 1119 plates showing the herbarium sheets. Paper bd. 23,5 x 32 cm. - In Box.
A heavy item. 6,3 kg. - The collection of herbarium specimens for this collection started in 1905 and the last plant was collected in 1974. The collection comprises 2567 specimens. The arrangement was in three sections: Asia (Turkey)/ Europe/ The Islands (Prinkipo, Halki, Antigoni). During the preparation of this publication, no alterations were made to the systematic information written on the herbarium's plant labels. Strict fidelity to the original information was maintained. Names of genera and species which have changed over time appear as written on the labels.
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