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Hansen, Steen G. & Victorin F. Laboudallon

Vallée de Mai (Seychelles). A Primeval Palm Forest, a Nature Reserve, a UNESCO Heritage Site. 2017. illus. col. 72 p. Paper bd.
Vallée de Mai on Praslin (Seychelles) and its primeval palm forest is indeed something exceptional which deserves some memorizing moments. Imagine to have just walked through one of the world's most unique palm forests which is said not to have changed much since its creation more than 100 million years ago. To have just experienced its many stunning plants and animals endemic to the area hence found nowhere else in the wild but here. And to have just enjoyed the forest symphony of nature sounds and the privilege of the striking cathedral peace and atmosphere that rules amongst the huge Coco de Mer palms and their softly rattling leaves. In this booklet the authors have wisely chosen to focus on the forest's native values. They have supplied the presented plants and animals with international accepted codes as to which degree they globally might be found threatened. In addition they have found it relevant to highlight some of the ongoing conservation initiatives set up to preserve this unique nature reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site. - All done in an attractive and informative way.
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