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Pursell, Ronald A.

A Taxonomic Revision of the Erpodiaceae (Bryophyta). Edited by Bruce Allen.2017. (NYBGdn Mem,116). 43 figs. 3 tabs. 12 maps. 103 p. gr8vo.
The Erpodiaceae (Bryophyta) is a family of very small to small pleurocarpous mosses most closely related to the Orthotrichaceae. Mosses in the Erpodiaceae are found mainly in drier areas of the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Five genera are recognized in this studyAulacopilum (2 species, 3 subspecies), Erpodium (2 species), Solmsiella (2 species), Tricherpodium (1 species, 2 subspecies), and Venturiella (8 species, 7 subspecies). This study is primarily morphologically based. The genera and species within each genus are arranged alphabetically. Keys are provided to the genera, sections, species, and subspecies. All genera, sections, species, and subspecies are described; illustrations and distribution maps are provided for each species and subspecies. The book includes twenty nomenclatural novelties.
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