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Suesswasserflora von Mitteleuropa

Band 06: Moestrup, Ojvind and Antonio Callado: Dinophyceae. 2018. 421 figs. X, 390 p. Hardcover. - In English.

Due March 2018. Orders will be recorded. - This series is now also published under the title of 'Freshwater Flora of Central Europe'. - This volume covers the freshwater dinoflagellates of the world and comprises 350 species. It serves as a reference work for identifying freshwater dinoflagellates by providing keys, detailed descriptions, on old and classic descriptions and drawings that were combined with more recent figures. The introductory chapters comprise the history of dinoflagellate research, cell structure, ecology (by K. Rengefors and A. Kremp) and cell culturing (by G. Hansen). Taxonomic studies of dinoflagellates began at the time of early light microscopists, and modern studies have shown that long-held views on the taxonomy are often unsatisfactory. Two new orders, Amphidiniales and Tovelliales, three new families, Amphidiniaceae, Gyrodiniaceae and Sphaerodiniaceae, and two new genera, Matvienkoella and Speroidium, are proposed. Seven new species and one new variety are described. Four new names and 80 new combinations are established.

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