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GULDEN, Gro and Kolbjoeorn Mohn JENSSEN

Arctic and Alpine Fungi. Vo- lume 2. 1988. 25 coloured photographs. 58 p. gr8vo. In plastic binder.
For vol. 3 please refer to "Senn-Irlet" - This contribution to the series "Arctic and Alpine Fungi" contains 25 species collected in the Arctic, on the main island Spitsbergen of the Svalbard archipelago. Most of the species also occur in alpine regions of Europe. Some have a circumpolar distribution and some, or close relatives, are also present in the Antarctic. Photographs were taken "in situ" on Svalbard, August 7-14, 1986 by K.M.Jenssen. One new species, Agaricus arcticus, is described, and the new combination Alnicola tantilla (Favre) Gulden is proposed. Two other species, Clitocybe paxillus and Fayodia arctica, are described in Sydowia 40 (Gulden, in print 1988).
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