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Flora Algarum Sinicarum Aquae Dulcis

Vol.21: Wei Yinxin: Chrysophyta. Sectio II. 2017. 110 plates & 179 p. of text gr8vo. Hardcover. - In Chinese with Latin nomenclature and Latin species index.
CHRYSOPHYCEAE: CHROMULINALES / CHROMULINACEAE (Oikomonas Kent)/ DINOBRYACEAE (Chrysococcus G.A. Klebs, Poterioochromonas Scherffel) /PARAPHYSOMONADACEAE (Chrysosphaerella Lauterborn em. Nicholls, Paraphysomonas de Saedeleer,Spiniferomonus Takahashi)/SYNURALES/ MALLOMONADACEAE (Mallomonas Perty)/ SYNURACEAE (Chrysodidymus Prowse, Tessellaria Playfair, Synura Ehrenberg)/ HYDRURALES HYDRURACEAE (Hydrurus Agardh)/ PHAEOTHAMNIOPHYCEAE/ PHAEOTHAMNIALES/ PHAEOTHAMNIACEAE (Phaeothamnion Lagerheim) BICOSOECOPHYCEAE/BICOSOECALES / BICOSOECACEAE (Bicosoeca H. J. Clark)/ PSEUDODENDROMONADACEAE (Pseudodendromonas Bourrelly) PRYMNESIOPHYCEAE/ PRYMNESIALES/ PRYMNESIACEAE (Prymnesium Massart ex Conrad, Chrysochromulina Lackey).
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