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Xiong Yuanxin

Bryophytes of Fanjingshan. 2014. illus. 850 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. - In Chinese, with Latin nomenclature.
There is a wide range of complex groups of Bryophytes in Fanjingshan which is a nature reserve and harabozrs most of the known Bryophytes in China. According to Bryophytes specimens in Bryophytes herbarium of Guizhou University Nature Museum and reports of relevant statistics of Fanjingshan Bryophytes in recent years, Fanjingshan has 757 Bryophytes names (including classification units following species) are recorded, after our careful taxonomic work. We have excluded synonyms, uncertain taxonomic units, controversial classification units, and have confirmed that there are species of known Bryophytes so far in the area.
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