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Vollenweider, R. A., R. Marchetti and R. Viviani (eds.)

Marine Coastal Eutrophication. The response of marine transitional systems to human impact: problems and perspectives for restoration. Proceedings of an International Conference, Bologna, Italy. 21 - 24 March 1990. 1990. 1310 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.

Eutrophication in the transitional marine coastal waters has increased dramatically in many parts of the world, and this evolution has shifted attention to the anthropogenic factor. The problem has become the theme of many conferences and workshops, as well as being given priority in international organizations.

This volume has been brought about by the desire to assess both our scientific understanding as well as the means and technologies available to combat the problem of marine coastal eutrophication. It discusses the results of research and surveillance programmes carried out in the last decades, confronting these results with experience gained elsewhere, and reviewing current proposals of what can be done about the problem. This volume will be invaluable to environmental scientists and marine ecologists, as well as to those who wish to resolve the many large-scale environmental problems, specifically marine eutrophication and marine pollution in general.
Autor/Hrsg. Vollenweider, R. A., R. Marchetti and R. Viviani (eds.)
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Autor(en) Vollenweider, R. A., R. Marchetti and R. Viviani (eds.)
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