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Sarbu, Ion, Nicolae Stefan and Adrian Oprea

Plante Vasculare din Romania. Determinator ilustrat de teren (Vascular Plants of Romania. An illustrated field guide). 2013. 3521 line - drawings. 600 col. photographs. 1320 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. - In Romanian, with Latin nomenclature and Latin species index.
The classification system adopted in this field guide is consistent with Ehrendorfer, in the "Lehrbuch der Botanik" (1978), Soó in "Synopsis systematico-geobotanico" (1964-1973) and "Flora Europaea" (1964-1980, 1993) with some alterations. Species nomenclature is in accordance with Flora Europaea. The identification of all the taxonomic positions, from the clade to the species and subspecies, is based on dichotomic keys, through the most important differential characters, most often with references to the ink-drawings and color pictures accompanying the text. Each species in this field identification guide is accompanied by further informations: scientific name, author (-s), the vernacular name in romanian language (where available), life cycle (annual, biennial, perennial), life forms, height (between a minimum and maximum, in cm), the flowering or sporulation (the ferns) period, the frequency in Romania, the preferred habitat (-s), the number of chromosomes (2n), hints on where ecological optimum growth (e.g. soil moisture - U, the temperature - T, soil reaction (pH), light - L, soil mineral nitrogen - N, halophilous indices - S), phytosociology environment, some sozological mentions, the protection status and character of the relict species in Romania, the general area of distribution and the number that indicates the ink-drawing or picture accompanying the concerned taxon. For some species or subspecies, which are rare in the Romanian flora, the location data on districts or historic provinces, sometimes even the localities are given; some taxa, whose presence is doubtfull pr have a controversial status in Romania bibliographic references are given. The ecological indices are processed after the Ellenberg et al. (1992), adapted to the physical and geographical conditions of Romania. The number of chromosomes is taken primarily from the works of Löve et Löve (1961). The field guide is accompanied by an explanatory index on plant morphology with technical terms used in determination keys, what will help those less familiar with the botanical terminology. This field guide is completed by two indexes: of the scientific plant names and of the vernacular names.
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